A masters in teaching can help you become a better teacher, providing you with the skills you need to be more effective in the classroom. Even if you are not planning on getting a masters in teaching degree, you can still improve your teaching skills to become a more effective and valuable teacher. Here are 50 open courseware classes that teachers can use to improve their skills, and find creative ways to interact with their students:


Teaching can be tough job. Teachers work hard, and sometimes do not get always get the recognition and pay they deserve. But, at the same time, many teachers are doing the job for other purposes. Helping to develop young minds is one of the highest callings that someone can have. As a result, there are many interested in teaching programs that can help them more effective do their jobs. While these programs can help, you can also get good advice from a variety of bloggers. There are a number of blogs that share teaching tips, ideas and inspiration. Here are 50 blogs that can help you be a better teacher: (more…)