Masters in Teaching Programs Rankings

Masters in teaching program rankings can be misleading. Once you know what the top ten or so teaching programs are then you may feel discouraged if you either could not get into those programs or if you were thinking about signing up for another program. Does that mean that other programs are not worthwhile? What do program rankings mean?

What Do Program Rankings Mean?

Program rankings just mean that out of the programs that were considered, the ones presented are the ones that ranked the best in whatever categories those doing the rankings used. There is no standardized formula for ranking schools. One institution ranking schools might use this method while this organization might use another.

Some rankings are compiled using rigorous standards but these rankings are still only as valuable as the standards they use. Depending on the criteria used to compile rankings and how much weight each of these criterions is given, the list could look completely different. This means that if you keep searching for program rankings you could find different programs taking the top spots. This may be confusing unless you know that ranking programs isn’t an easy proposition.

How Do You Rank Programs?

How do you decide which program is the best? Do you ask the students? The teachers? Both?

Do you look at the course materials yourself and see if one book looks better than another? Do you rank them based on which one is more affordable? Do you go by how many graduates find jobs immediately after successfully completing the program?

Ranking masters in teaching programs is not a simple task. Just consider how you would go about it if you were doing it yourself. The more you think about it the more factors you could take into consideration and the harder it would be to decide how to rank any school as being better than another in these often intangible or elusive criteria.

Are Programs That Don’t Rank Worthwhile?

By now you have probably realized that high quality programs may not make a list of program rankings. This may be a result of faulty rankings or just a list of rankings that did not go past the top 10. Good programs don’t always rank.

Masters in teaching program rankings are hard to put together and even harder to use intelligently. Knowing this, you have an advantage. You will not be overly swayed to choose a program because it made the list or to not choose one because it didn’t.

Featured Listings for Master of Teaching and Education Degrees

Kaplan University
MA: Teaching
MS: College Teaching
Kaplan University: Kaplan University offers an MA in Teaching and an MS in College Teaching. The MS in Higher Education offers further specializations in college administration and leadership, college teaching and learning, and online college teaching – everything the budding professor needs to know to secure a solid career in academia. The MA in Teaching is a more general degree that offers specializations in Mathematics, Science, Teaching with Technology, and teaching students with special needs.
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Liberty University
MAT: Elementary Education
MAT: Secondary Education
MAT: Special Education
Liberty University: Liberty University offers Master's in Teaching programs in Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Special Education, and Teaching & Learning. The M.A.T in Teaching & Learning is not intended for licensure, but the other programs are designed to prepare students for licensure.
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Ashford University
MAT: Learning w/ Technology
Ashford University: Ashford University's MA in Teaching & Learning with Technology is a unique program that helps teachers improve their class presentation skills through the latest technology tools, as well as online teaching. The Masters of Education with a specialization in Teacher Leadership prepares licensed educators to monitor and evaluate curriculum and instruction, and to lead instructors and students toward positive change.
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