Teaching can be tough job. Teachers work hard, and sometimes do not get always get the recognition and pay they deserve. But, at the same time, many teachers are doing the job for other purposes. Helping to develop young minds is one of the highest callings that someone can have. As a result, there are many interested in teaching programs that can help them more effective do their jobs. While these programs can help, you can also get good advice from a variety of bloggers. There are a number of blogs that share teaching tips, ideas and inspiration. Here are 50 blogs that can help you be a better teacher:

Teaching Tips and Ideas

Get inspired with these blogs that offer teaching tips, ideas and even access to helpful resources.

  1. Mrs. Cassidy’s Classroom Blog: Follow the students of this inspiring teacher. Sometimes her elementary students even submit posts.
  2. It’s Not All Flowers and Sausages: Mrs. Mimi blogs about her experiences as a second grade teacher, offering great insights and ideas about teaching.
  3. Docere Est Discere: Mr. B started this blog as a student teacher, and his musings on language and how to teach carry over to a number of subjects. The Latin title translates as “To teach is to learn”.
  4. Teach For Us: Those who are involved with Teach for America blog about ways to better engage students, offering tips and inspiration.
  5. Principals Page: Learn more about administration, as well as get insight into teaching and learning.
  6. Regurgitated Alpha Bits: A look at teaching today, and the state of education. Includes ideas for better teaching, even with the issues facing the situation.
  7. Classroom Solutions: This great blog from Scholastic provides inspiration for dealing with classroom issues.
  8. Learning is Messy: A look at teaching, along with tips on how to do a better job.
  9. The Jose Vilson: This inner city teacher offers insight and inspiration on teaching in difficult circumstances.
  10. Indie Teacher: Get some insight into teaching, and find inspiration to be a better educator.
  11. Just a Substitute Teacher: You can learn a lot about teaching from the musings of this substitute teacher.

Teaching Technology

You can use technology to become a better teacher. These blogs offer helpful information and tools that can enable you to use technology in your teaching efforts.

  1. Creating Lifelong Learners: Tech savvy Mathew Needleman offers tips and ideas for teachers looking to use technology to encourage lifelong learning in their students.
  2. Techno Tuesday: Keep up with technology, and its many uses in the classroom. A great resource for using media to teach.
  3. Cool Cat Teacher Blog: A fun and interesting blog about using new tools to teach children.
  4. Nik’s Learning Technology Blog: Helpful ideas and more when it comes to using technology in the classroom.
  5. eLearning Technology: A helpful blog about online learning, and using technology to teach.
  6. Technology Tips for Classroom Teachers: Helpful hints on using technology to be a more effective teacher.
  7. Teaching with Technology: Learn more about how you can use technology to be a more effective teacher.
  8. Free Technology for Teachers: Helpful ideas and tips on using technology, and where you can get free tech help.
  9. Tammy’s Technology Tips for Teachers: Learn more about technology, and get weekly tips and tricks for better teaching.

School Subject Blogs

Learn more about teaching specific subjects. Encompasses a number of helpful blogs with targeted tips for the subject you teach the most.

  1. The Teaching Palette: Art teachers can find endless inspiration and ideas for helping their students remain enthusiastic about art.
  2. A Year of Reading: Learn ideas for getting children interested in reading, and teaching the joy of reading.
  3. ScienceFix: Get great ideas for teaching science. Interesting experiments and inspiration for getting kids excited about science.
  4. Reflections of a Science Teacher: Follow the thoughts of, and get some good ideas from, this science teacher.
  5. Hooda Math Blog: A great approach to teaching math, and good ideas on how to help students grasp sometimes fiddly concepts.
  6. Math Teacher Mambo: Learn about teaching high school math, and help students get the hang of it.
  7. Ideas for Teaching Computer Technology to Kids: Help children learn about computer technology, and provide guidance for safe computer practices.
  8. History is Elementary: Learn more about history and teaching history with interesting ideas and inspirations.
  9. The History Teacher’s Attic: This high school history teacher offers great information and inspiration on teaching history.
  10. The English Blog: Learn more about teaching English, and get tips on making the subject more interesting.

Teaching Special Education

One of the most rewarding and difficult things you can do is to teach special education. If you are looking for help and direction as you work with these kids, these blogs can help.

  1. Ann’s Learning Disabilities Blog: Learn more about how to teach those with learning disabilities.
  2. Special 2 Me: Follow the adventures of a special ed teacher in L.A., and learn inspirational ideas to teach better.
  3. Teach Effectively!: This blog is aimed at helping teachers help at risk kids and those with disabilities.
  4. The Life That Chose Me: Get ideas and inspiration for teaching special ed students from this high school teacher who has two children with special needs.
  5. Bilingual Special Ed: An interesting blog that offers tips and insights on teaching bilingual special education.
  6. Special Education and Learning Differences: Tips and ideas for better teaching when it comes to SpEd.
  7. Teaching Students with Learning Difficulties: Resources, tips and more on how you can be a better special education teacher.
  8. Making Special Education Actually Work: Inspiration and forward thinking about special education.
  9. Special Education Strategies and More: Chock full of tips related to teaching special education students.
  10. Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs: Keep up with ideas and resources for teaching those who have more than one special need.

Education News and Trends

Keeping up with the latest news and trends in the world of teaching can provide you with insights, as well as inspiration. Find helpful tools, tips and ideas when you read these blogs.

  1. EduWonk: One of the best places to go when you want information on teaching tips and trends.
  2. ED.gov: The U.S. Department of Education offers news, information, tools and resources related to education and teaching.
  3. NEA: The National Education Association offers tips and ideas for teachers who want to improve their teaching using the latest trends.
  4. Education Week: The latest trends in teaching, learning and helping students.
  5. Edutopia: Offers tips and ideas for being a more effective teacher, as well as news and information about the latest trends in education.
  6. Open Education: Follow the latest news and trends regarding education around the world.
  7. Education News: Get the latest education and teaching news from The New York Times.
  8. EducationNews.org: Follow education trends around the world.
  9. Education News Blog: Helps you find interesting news from the world of teaching.
  10. The Chronicle of Higher Education: Learn more about where education and teaching are going.

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