Average Salary with a Masters in Teaching

Many people who are considering pursuing their masters in teaching do a quick search to find out what the average salary is for a degree like this. This is a smart move because although you want to do what you love, you also want to know how you will be compensated for doing it. But how much does an average salary figure really tell you?

Salary Insight

The salary for a person with a master’s degree in teaching largely depends on what environment you work in. Postsecondary teachers working at a university make a median salary of $75,430 a year with the lowest 10% earning $38,290 and the highest 10% earning $168,270 on average (BLS.gov). Like any other profession, your salary will be heavily influenced by other factors like your exact job, your location, and the amount of experience that you have.

What Will This Salary Mean When You Get Your Masters?

It takes about two years for someone to get their masters. This piece of information should have you wondering if the salary for those who hold a masters in teaching could vary a significant amount in a two year period. After all, you don’t really want to know how much someone with a masters in teaching degree makes now. You want to know how much you will make when you enter the workforce brandishing your new degree.

Featured Listings for Master of Teaching and Education Degrees

Kaplan University
MA: Teaching
MS: College Teaching
Kaplan University: Kaplan University offers an MA in Teaching and an MS in College Teaching. The MS in Higher Education offers further specializations in college administration and leadership, college teaching and learning, and online college teaching – everything the budding professor needs to know to secure a solid career in academia. The MA in Teaching is a more general degree that offers specializations in Mathematics, Science, Teaching with Technology, and teaching students with special needs.
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Liberty University
MAT: Elementary Education
MAT: Secondary Education
MAT: Special Education
Liberty University: Liberty University offers Master's in Teaching programs in Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Special Education, and Teaching & Learning. The M.A.T in Teaching & Learning is not intended for licensure, but the other programs are designed to prepare students for licensure.
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Ashford University
MAT: Learning w/ Technology
Ashford University: Ashford University's MA in Teaching & Learning with Technology is a unique program that helps teachers improve their class presentation skills through the latest technology tools, as well as online teaching. The Masters of Education with a specialization in Teacher Leadership prepares licensed educators to monitor and evaluate curriculum and instruction, and to lead instructors and students toward positive change.
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